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Celebrate Taco Tuesday or Cinco de Meow in style with the best, spiciest 'taco-licious' Taco Bandana with all the fillings. This bandana adds to your pet's personality! Your cat can be the Tacocat they've always wanted to be, or if you are extra inspired turn your cat/small dog into Taco Pope! The bandana can easily convert into a hat just like @bucket_kitty from Instagram featured here. *Small dog owners can dress up their pooch and have fun when walking together. This bright bandana features tacos, lime wedges, tomatoes, cheese and nachos set against a taco inspired yellow background! The bandana is sturdy and double-sided with a velcro strip on the back to easily put on your cat or small dog. This fabric pattern is designed by Kooee Papercraft. A unique original design! Please only use this bandana as it is intended, for fashion use. Please do not leave animal unsupervised for safety reasons. *Note: Dog owners, this bandana will only suit small toy breeds. Larger dog sizes coming soon. Please express interest if you are after one. Dimensions: H: 105mm | 4.1" W: 175mm | 6.8" - when open and lying flat W: 145mm | 5.7" - when closed with velcro and lying flat Search #tacopope on Instagram for inspiration and laughs!