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About Me

Hello, I'm Amy the owner of Kooee Papercraft and I'm a trained graphic designer, 3D artist and product maker. I strive to create products that are fun and personally appealing to kids, adults and of course pets!

I love making paper craft products, especially custom cat and dog portraits, and I'm glad they are equally loved by my customers! I adore the little IG community that has supported me and I enjoy the many adventures of watching your custom cats in the #papercatclub on Instagram.

One of the great things about having most of my products printable is it allows them to be accessible to more people from around the world. It removes geographical limitations.

In my spare time, I am busy being the best mom to my daughter, my son and my cat Pepper.

Please keep a lookout for my products on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or enquires.

- Amy Williams, Kooee Papercraft