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- Made to order - Option 1: Emailed to you as a PDF. - Option 2: Packaged and shipped to your address. PDF sent to your email. - Ships worldwide from Australia

Product Code: CP001
Categories: Custom Cat Portrait, Paper Craft, Custom Pet Portraits

**Please check below for Turnaround times.** Create a fun replica of your own cat! 🐱 From a few photos, your cat can have its own portrait made into a printable papercraft template. Choose its favourite accessory such as a collar, hat or tie for extra personalisation. You can then print your cat's template, ✂cut, fold and glue and she/he will turn into a 3D paper replica! Your cat may think there is an imposter in the house! This custom cat portrait is a great way to take your cat to the office and brighten your desk! Your Allergy suffering co-workers won't have to sneeze! Any cat breed, crossbreed, shape, colour will do! You will receive your kitty as a printable PDF delivered to your email. You can then email your friends your cat's portrait so everyone can have a bit of fun crafting your cat. Why not create a whole army of them? Not into printing? Then choose the 2nd Option and have your cat printed, die-cut, packaged and delivered to you! Then just assemble and glue! This Custom Cat Portrait is hugely popular with the cats on Instagram! A whole community of cat lovers! Seach the hashtag #PaperCatClub to get inspired. Famous kitties who have one of these portraits include Hosico, Hobbes, Sophie Loves Tuna and loads more. Photos of cats featured here are: 🐱 Naranjita @catsandfoodie (featured on Cats of Instagram), 🐱 Phoebe @phluffy_phoebe; This product has been featured in Catster magazine and the Cat Lady Podcast! HOW IT WORKS: 1. Once you have purchased, a form will be sent to you to add photos. On the form, you may add an accessory that he/she may wear such as a bow-tie, collar or cat bib. 2. After illustrating your kitty, a proof of its template will be sent to you via email. Once approved by you, you will receive the printable PDF with instructions. 3. Turnaround time is listed below and will let you know the Estimated Time of Arrival. This is also attached to your order. ☆☆Please be aware that turnaround time will extend by each week that photos supplied by you are delayed. It takes 3 weeks from when photos are delivered.☆☆ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TURNAROUND TIME ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• *** Taking Orders For: August *** *** Currently: 15 Business days (Mon-Fri) ***