💗Happy Valentine's Day!💗 These printable gift tags feature cute kitties with different coat colours and are waiting to be attached to your Valentine's Day gifts. There are 12 different kitties in the set such as a ginger tabby, tuxedo, calico, tortoiseshell, siamese and even a little Sphynx! Print as many as you like. Each kitty comes with its own kitty themed quote and is inspired by candy hearts. Quotes featured on Kitty candy hearts include: ❤ "I only Purr for you!"; ❤ "Be my Meowingtine!"; ❤ "I love you Purry much!"; ❤ "I love you and cats!"; ❤ "Hugs & Kittens"; ❤ "I love you more than tuna!"; ❤ "Smitten as a Kitten"; ❤ "You're Cat-tastic!"; ❤ "You're A-meowzing"; ❤ "I love mew!"; ❤ "You had me at Meow!" ❤ "You're Purrfect!". Write a little personal message on the back to make them extra special. ☆This is a digital listing and will be attached to your order to download as a PDF. No physical mail will be sent to your house.☆ To complete these gift tags you'll need: • Access to a printer, either at home or at a print and copy shop; • Scissors; • Hole Punch; • String to attach to gifts. These gift tags measure W 1.6inch x H 2.7inch. For best results print on thick paper (thin card) around 300gsm / 120LB.